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From Byzantine: Guys, quick update. The Pancake contracts are done. We have deployed on testnet and did a round of testing to see if the basic functions are working fine. We are currently optimizing the contracts. The next steps are to deploy and test on the mainnet and link the contracts to the UI. Will keep you posted. The marketing side has been a bit slow the last two months. We are reviving that now and focusing on marketing so that we will start gaining positive momentum by the time pancake pools go live. GAMMA infinity vault update - This is a heads-up on the changes to the GAMMA infinity vault’s unstaking fee and unstaking time. Currently, the GAMMA infinity vault is a leak to GAMMA as there is no instant undertaking fee. This is unfair to those who have locked GAMMA in GAMMA-BTCB. As per the initial tokenomics proposal, all the rewards on the protocol should have a 50% instant collection fee. So, after a couple of weeks, we will have the gamma infinity vault instant unstaking fee at 50%, and the unstaking time will increase from 21 days to 3 months. Right now, there is no unstaking fee, so this is a headsup for this change that will go live in 2 weeks time (roughly around the same time as pancake pools).

From Joe: Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:29] 1. Before the next major development begins could there be some time for abit of de-bugging on site - a couple of things come to mind, maybe we can have a channel to report bugs when they occur? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:30] Absolutely, we recognize the importance of a smooth and bug-free user experience with a key pillar of Planet being ease-of-use. While Telegram has been a good tool for quick communications, it’s not the most efficient for tracking and managing bug reports. We are planning to set up a dedicated channel for bug reporting using Discord tickets. This will help the dev team address issues more systematically and ensure that nothing gets overlooked. We aim to have this up and running shortly after the new pools go live. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:30] 2. Can the white paper/docs be updated? It's very outdated! Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:31] The docs are currently being updated to reflect the upcoming changes (Ive written about 95% of it, adding a couple more pages and some media). These updated documents will be released immediately after the new pools go live to ensure all information is consistent and clear, avoiding any confusion on what's currently live and what's not as it is written for the release. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:32] 3.Question to do with Max. I'll let Byz answer that later. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:32] 4. When we move to another chain what will happen to Gamma? I've been involved in other projects where one of their original tokens is just forgotten after they release a new token/new chain.. hope it's not the case here, it still has a lot to offer! Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:33] We understand the concern about tokens being left behind with the transition to a new chain. Let me reassure you that GAMMA will continue to play a vital role in the Planet ecosystem. Since we're planning on moving to another EVM-compatible chain, all developments and updates will apply to both systems. The longevity of GAMMA is directly tied to the ongoing development and success of Planet's offerings. As long as we continue to innovate and expand, GAMMA will remain an integral part of the Planet ecosystem. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:33] 5. When will Gamma IV and V2 pools go fully offline, and Gamma/BTCB be the sole Booster? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:35] This is an issue I think we haven't tackled well. Currently too confusing, not enough emphasis on the GAMMA/BTCB pool. Sooo the transition to simplify our pools is already underway. With the upcoming release of our new auto-compounding pools, we'll be setting the GAMMA allocation for all former pools, including Gamma IV and V2 pools, to zero (majority are already at 0). GAMMA IV currently influences the supply yield to our money markets, and any changes to this would require re-deploying the market. However, we're considering a shift to allocate all GAMMA rewards to USDT borrowing, aiming to create a premier money market for long positions in other crypto assets. This move would render the GAMMA IV pool redundant, used in a similar fashion to the pool GAMMA reward vesting. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:35] 6. After Pancake V3 released, what's next on the roadmap? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:37] After the release of Pancakeswap V3 pools, we'll take some time to assess its performance, we can continue to add pools, create partnerships ect around that. However this will guide our next steps, we want to be able to adapt to DeFi's ever changing landscape, the new "IN" thing could be released in a month, so we want to stay available to jump onto that. However in parallel, we're gearing up for cross-chain expansions. Details will be shared as these developments progress. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:37] 7. When will the Bounty Hunter be in operation? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:38] The Bounty Hunter is currently operational, but it's heavily dominated by bots, not how we envisioned it unfortunately. With the upcoming changes to our pools and the way boosts are managed, the Bounty Hunter will become redundant. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:38] 8. A larger investor mentioned in the telegram that he didn't want to stake more into Gamma or put more into Pools as his 5% Gamma would be $25,000+, too much risk with the token and being bounty hunted. Do you think bounty hunting might put larger investors off/is there a way for it not to? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:40] Absolutely, the concern about bounty hunting deterring larger investors is valid and we have thought about this a lot. Recognizing this, we've shifted our strategy to create a more investor-friendly environment. Our new system includes auto-compounding features and V3 LP management, which are designed to minimize the downsides previously associated with active participation on Planet. Instead of exposing users to risks, we'll implement a small percentage fee for using these features. So any can use our features, with no heavy lock ups ect. For those who choose to invest in GAMMA/BTCB, these fees collected from users utilizing Planet's offerings will be redirected back to them through GAMMA (buybacks and reserve contributions). I plan to write up a report on this with more details :) Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:40] 9. Will the Boost calculator return? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:41] Yes. After the auto-compounding vaults and Pancake Pools. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:41] 10. Can we get rid of the AQUA & GAMMA /BNB liquidity as it’s been mentioned that some charts take the price from the BNB LP & not the BTCB LP Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:42] We can't remove the AQUA & GAMMA /BNB liquidity, but what we can do/are doing is encouraging users to switch to BTCB pairings by offering incentives. While most GAMMA liquidity is shifting towards BTCB (5:1 and growing), a majority of the AQUA/BNB liquidity remains pretty dormant, in pools that haven't seen GAMMA rewards for over a year, so not much we can do on that front. However plus side, means there's less circulating AQUA to a degree. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:42] 11. Comms is still an issue, just some regular update/no update at minute from either Devs or community contact. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:43] We acknowledge that our communication hasn't been top-notch, and it's something we're actively working to improve. I'll go out and say that I haven't stepped up enough in this regard. While our team is always grinding away in the background, we realize the importance of keeping the community informed. Will try to have more regular communication for fronts beyond development like marketing and strategic updates going forward. I would like to do fortnightly AMA's + updates. Then they stay small, bite sized informative updates. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:44] 12. What is the opinion of the PAP’s?. I think we are doing a great job but is it having the correct effect or best use of GAMMA resources? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:44] We recognize the potential of the PAPs as a crucial element in expanding Planet's reach, but we also realize that our approach so far may not have been the most effective. Moving forward, the plan is to position Planet as the leader (leading by example), with PAPs operating in a more coordinated manner that leverages our strengths. Expect more detailed updates on PAPs soon™️. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:45] 13. Loving the newly invigorated TG group chat, so that’s a positive! Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:46] The team and I are thrilled with the new energy in the TG group chat too! Fresh perspectives and personalities always add vibrancy haha. Good vibes all round. I'm looking forward to a new cohort to join, hopefully with the release of the new pools. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:46] 14. Can’t we have a better marketing strategy? Or stick with the one we had, better and improved Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:47] Improving our marketing strategy is on the radar. Ann has recently stepped up to spearhead our efforts in marketing and growth. Along with Byz and myself, we're brainstorming. Currently we wanting to get in some consistency, from that base we can expand. It's no surprise to anyone that marketing has taken a backseat for a while, but you can expect to see a significant shift and more initiatives rolling out in the next few weeks. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:48] 15. What other influencer will planet work with other than max? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:49] Yes. Definitely looking to work with influencers. Our focus at the moment however, will be consistent communication and effectively utilising PAPs. Once that's up and running we will move on to onboarding influencers. As I said before, we want to lead from the front and create a solid base for our PAP's and influencers to work around. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:49] 16. What are you doing to improve communication within Planet? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:49] See Q 11. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:49] 19. Haven’t seen a question asked yet about anticipating Gamma hitting the max 100M (we are getting closer), and per my latest YT vids, that is a major concern / question for myself. SO, 1) Are we still going to slow down the Gamma minting / release from reserves to keep Gamma rewards sustainable? 2) What are your opinions of hitting 100M Gamma and tapping into reserves? I’ve laid out two scenarios which would result in Gamma exploding based on supply reduction similar to BTC (the halving), or Gamma crashing based on a reduction of rewards if we don’t have the 100k per day available to give to investors, which will reduce user interest in Planet (assuming Gamma price never increases, which a price increase is really necessary for Planet to succeed long term IMO). But I’d like to hear other potential scenarios post 100M Gamma, which I think is going to be a HUGE event for Planet this year. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:49] Wonder who this was ;) Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:52] Addressing the upcoming 100M GAMMA cap is a priority IMO. To manage this, we plan to gradually reduce GAMMA emissions to maintain reward sustainability. As we've highlighted, our goal is to create valuable DeFi applications that attract a broad range of users and TVL, generating fees that will hopefully exceed/match the incentives. Here's an example of how this might work: imagine we have $100M in TVL using Planet’s services, with only $20M using the GAMMA boost (as mentioned, this becoming an opt in/opt out feature) — a 5:1 ratio. The fees generated from this $100M in TVL would be used for GAMMA buybacks to bolster our reserves and in turn be paid out to the $20M TVL using GAMMA boost. So investing in Planet, investing in GAMMA/BTCB means your still paying a fee to use Planet, however this is offset + more by the total fees. We'll provide a detailed emissions overview later in Q2. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:53] 20. Can you explain the difference between 0x0fAEab379586404A2a621e25Dda195c99dD77FF4 & 0xF42B2C2B5F0923E0C058786D478D56627C7e3eda ? I think I’ve got the other addresses figured out in terms of how they fit with Gamma, but CMC has the circulating supply based on 0xF42B2C2B5F0923E0C058786D478D56627C7e3eda only, while the main Planet page has circulating supply based on both addresses. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:53] Neither of them are entirely part of the circulating supply. 0x0fAEab379586404A2a621e25Dda195c99dD77FF4 is the Reservoir (The contract that drips tokens to the farm and to green planet based on the blocks passed.) You could say a part of this belongs to the circulating supply (say if tokens have been allocated as rewards in the past 48 hours but nobody has claimed their rewards, then the tokens haven't moved from the reservoir to to green planet or farm though they are already allocated). 0xF42B2C2B5F0923E0C058786D478D56627C7e3eda holds part of the still locked tokens of the Reservoir. To reduce security risks, this holds part of the yet to be allotted tokens and periodically passes them on to the reservoir to be distributed. Any tokens here are part of the total supply but not the circulating supply. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:54] 21. What addresses make up the $5.7M TVL? I’m able to tie out $3.7M with gXXX (GP, I’m able to tie out the $2.5M), V3 pools + locked Aqua ($740k), V2 pools ($328k), and V1 vaults ($205k), but I’m obviously missing something. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:57] To keep in line with other crypto analytic platforms like Defillama, we still count the CAKE that is locked forever via a bug when PCS transitioned to their new system (a while back, forgot what exactly). But you can see the breakdown more easily over on Defillama. Also some older pools that aren't listed on the dapp anymore. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:57] Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:58] 22. I know there was talk of revamping the governance system (which along with cross-chain opportunities should boost Aqua); any updates? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:59] We're eager to engage the community more deeply in decision making processes. Although there are currently no concrete plans for a governance revamp, we remain open to ideas and strongly encourage community members to make some proposals. Even though small, I would like the community to vote on new pools as we go forward. Potentially also pool of the week too. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 21:59] 23. Related to Q.8 to encourage larger investors, in addition to bounty hunting discussion, do you think Gamma-BTCB is doing its job to improving liquidity? I just bought some Gamma over the past 7 days with minimal price impact, but BTC was also falling during that period. Improving liquidity is obviously essential to get whales into Planet. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:00] The key to improving GAMMA's liquidity is through enhancing the utility and incentives for the GAMMA/BTCB pairing. We chose BTC due to its relative stability, which is particularly appealing as we require locking of the LP to access its utility. Thoughts behind it is by integrating GAMMA's DeFi Utility with BTC, we aim to benefit both tokens - GAMMA gains from the association with BTC's reputation as 'digital gold, king of crypto, list could go on' while BTC benefits from DeFi utility. To put this into perspective, consider that currently, 15 million GAMMA is currently locked with BTC, which represents about 16% of the circulating supply. This means that for every dollar in GAMMA, there's an underlying value of 16 cents in BTC... The potential here is substantial IMO... Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:00] 24. Any way to beat the bot that keeps scalping Gammas price between the BNB/BTCB LP’s? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:01] The only effective strategy would be to bulk up our GAMMA/BTCB liquidity. Reduce the liquidity available for the arb bot. Soooooo lock more ha. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:01] 25. What's the team most excited by for the future of Planet? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:02] For me it's the up and coming automated liquidity management. First big value add Planet has provided since aUST on Green Planet. We're also really excited about the PancakeV3 aggregation pools and about bolstering marketing to grow a strong user base - Dev team Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:02] 26. Will further markets be added to green planet? FTM, SOL, Near etc. Looks to be demand for an all in one lending platform on BSC. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:03] Expanding to other markets isn’t on our immediate roadmap. We’re first focusing on refining our USDT borrowing strategy and will share a report with some numbers sooooon. On a side note: an idea I've thought about is removing Planet fees from all the markets other than USDT. So all fees from borrowers are paid to suppliers on markets with no GAMMA incentives (makes Planet unique, eyes on the money market, eyes on our other offerings... that do generate fees). 0% fee decentralized money market, except for if you want to borrow stables since Planet incentives this market with GAMMA. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:03] 27. What's going to bring us in more TVL + investors? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:04] We're going back to what worked to a degree, safe, user-friendly, and high-yielding DeFi applications. Being a value add for any of these reason should bring attention to Planet from a range of users IMO. Additionally, we're working on upping our marketing efforts to increase awareness around these key pillars. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:04] 28. Alternative idea to the Gamma reward lockup (which many think will ultimately put people off staking with Planet if they can't claim rewards immediately) if it has to be locked up could an option be to claim it “drip fed”, so the claimed reward is distributed little by little (ie daily) over the 3 months, rather than vesting for the whole 3? Could be a good compromise? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:05] With the boost feature becoming an opt-in/opt-out option, it's really just an additional layer of value on top of our core offerings of automated liquidity management and auto-compounding. GAMMA is essentially just the cherry on top. So I see the three-month vesting period as a good fit. That said, we're always keen to hear what the community thinks about this setup. Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:05] 29. Will we ever have on and off ramp? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:05] Not currently on the roadmap but if some of you are really keen on it we'd love to hear your thoughts! Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:07] Wicked, so Ann was able to answer the technical questions while I was going so that's all the Q's. Thanks for tuning in. Dropped some of my thoughts into a few of the questions in regards to how I see Planet evolving. Any other burning questions? Gaztro, [5/2/2024 22:08] Q. 3.... When/what will Byz tell us about Max...?? Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:10] Missed that insert from the team. Byz has been in touch with a few major influencers to see how we might collaborate but the negotiations haven't materialised as yet. Max's mention of Planet in the recent past was not a paid collab but rather his own review on the platform. UNM.NU UNM.NU, [5/2/2024 22:13] You answered my questions and all was informative, thanks a bunch! Enjoyed your commentary, but if there aren't other questions, what is your general market sentiment for 2024? We are down a bit from $73k BTC, waiting for DeFi craze Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:13] I happened to choose a time that lines up for the early hours of the morning for @bft_crypto ha Wise Old Joe, [5/2/2024 22:16] I think DeFi really needs the next "thing" V3 pools were great and then optimizing them has made liquidity very efficient. But thats "old tech" in terms of how fast crypto grows. Need something new to turn some heads towards DeFi. Overall market. Doesn't matter to me much so don't tend to think about it. I have a long out-look on this space.

From 5/8/24 YT: 5/9/24 YT:

From others (Xeno 1): I’m loving (& relieved) for the renewed PAP push & @WiseOldJoe presence in community & organising a marketing push!

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