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Have you ever heard of Planet (formerly Planet Finance)? Are you interested in high APYs / passive income? Are you interested in the DeFi (decentralized finance) revolution, where anyone in the world can lend and borrow without an intermediary? Watch my YouTube videos (below or click here) to learn more about Planet, its native tokens, AQUA (governance) & GAMMA (utility), aggregated yield farming (pools), lending & borrowing (Green Planet), Gamma / Gamma-BTCB Boost for higher APY / earnings, liquid staking (BNBx with Stader), low-fee swapping, perpetual exchange support, and more! Trusted by CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Halborn, Thena, Helio, Frax, MEXC Global, DefiLlama, Stader, DappRadar, and many individuals around the world!

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From Byzantine: Aggregating Pancake V3 Medium Article

From Byzantine: Guys, quick update. The Pancake contracts are done. We have deployed on testnet and did a round of testing to see if the basic functions are working fine. We are currently optimizing the contracts. The next steps are to deploy and test on the mainnet and link the contracts to the UI. Will keep you posted. The marketing side has been a bit slow the last two months. We are reviving that now and focusing on marketing so that we will start gaining positive momentum by the time pancake pools go live. GAMMA infinity vault update - This is a heads-up on the changes to the GAMMA infinity vault’s unstaking fee and unstaking time. Currently, the GAMMA infinity vault is a leak to GAMMA as there is no instant undertaking fee. This is unfair to those who have locked GAMMA in GAMMA-BTCB. As per the initial tokenomics proposal, all the rewards on the protocol should have a 50% instant collection fee. So, after a couple of weeks, we will have the gamma infinity vault instant unstaking fee at 50%, and the unstaking time will increase from 21 days to 3 months. Right now, there is no unstaking fee, so this is a headsup for this change that will go live in 2 weeks time (roughly around the same time as pancake pools).

From Joe: Just a quick update on PCS and some thoughts behind it. Overall, the team and I have investigated how we can deliver value on the BNBChain. The current sentiment is that Planet does not offer significant value to DeFi users, especially in terms of providing a unique DeFi application. With this perspective, the launch of our aggregated PCS pools represents the initial step towards creating value on the BNBChain, thereby benefiting AQUA and GAMMA holders. Our code gives Planet the capability to consolidate PCS liquidity, enabling high utilization of our optimized liquidity within the PCS framework. This, in turn, allows for increased fee generation for users who provide liquidity via Planet. Moving forward, we plan to introduce our PCS pools as auto-compounding pools with zero percent fees to start. This brings us back to Planet's core mission: to develop strategies that not only offer high yields but also prioritize simplicity and user-friendliness IMO this initiative marks the first substantial value add Planet has offered since the LUNA incident. It aims to showcase the skills of our developers and the capabilities of Planet as a leading DeFi protocol. Overall this roll-out aims to capture a larger share of the BNBChain's TVL (as a lot sits in PCS pools) by initially providing a unique service with a "free trial" and then enhancing it with the GAMMA/BTCB boost. After the launch, we will evaluate the reception and performance of the PCS pools and then revise how our THENA pools operate (enabling auto-compounding). Will update you all on the "wen launch" soon™️

From Looking forward to the actual release of PCS V3, the major tokenomics / farm / updates in February have made a difference in terms of increased rewards (at least for myself), increased liquidity for Aqua & Gamma, and the health of Planet in general.

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